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You Need Evidence Management Systems
10 months ago

When law enforcers or detectives work, they need evidence. Without evidence, a suspect cannot be judged as guilty of a crime or wrongdoing. When there is evidence, police investigators are able to find the perpetrators of a crime. Missing evidence can cause a case to be  dismissed. The reason for this is that evidences before were simply entered on logbooks and spreadsheets and these evidences cover volumes. But this is no longer appropriate in this day and age. It is important that an evidence management system be put in place so that the agency can maintain chain of customer, manage physical and digital evidence together, set alerts for evidence management and disposal, and generate custom reports of evidence. Your police department should have an evidence management system for the following benefits.

You can make your evidence more accessible with an evidence management system. When your police department invest in a digital strategy for policing, then the safety of the community and the operations of law enforcers is improved. It will be more complicated for law enforcement officers to do their job with these digital strategies. Without digital strategies, there can be an increase in evidence mishandling. There is quick access to relevant information for investigators with evidence management systems.

Some forms of evidence pieces include photos, videos, documents, and voice recordings. By using advanced technology these evidences can be stored and maintained at a level of security that  most agencies cannot provide themselves.

Small business closed captioned television sources or content from citizens which are crowd sourced are the sources of case management online which are offered by evidence management systems.

Digital evidence management systems can have cloud based storage. Over the last few years, cloud storage have become widely used. Compared to in-house or the traditional on-sire server, cloud storage is efficient, agile, and innovative. There is endless capacity for cloud based storage. Law enforcement data which includes documents, images and critical evidence files require a lot of storage space. With the big storage space of cloud, there will be no difficulty storing your data.

You can have the option of a multi-tiered storage with digital evidence management systems. This system include the ability for data to be stored on-site, distributed between solid state drivers, file-based tapes and fast-spinning hard disks. There is a rotation of data as customized by the police agency depending on age, demand, and priority. You can shrink and expand the system when necessary because it is adaptable. You can discover more about the tech surrounding evidence management by checking out ERIN Technology evidence software here. 

With digital evidence management systems, digital evidence security is improved. Today it is very important to secure and maintain digital evidence. Digital evidence to day has to be secured and maintained properl. It is the law enforcement personnel that take care of this digital evidence.  There are custody rules that they should abide by. Read more here about evidence managament: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evidence_management

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